why listening is important to English fluencyAudible speaking and effective listening make up complete communication. Being able to communicate effectively in English is essential. Hence, it is important to improve speaking and listening skills. Below are 10 tips on how to effective listening habits can improve spoken English, improve English fluency,and have a positive effect on communication for ESL learners. 1.Take on an encouraging, unbiased and positive attitude towards learning as this will accelerate your speed of mastery of the spoken English through effective listening.2.Listen with full attention when someone is speaking in order to understand, interpret, assess, and respond applicably. Have writing materials handy so you can write down what is being said you don’t interrupt the speaker.3.Nod your head to signal that you are following what is being said. Also, use facial demeanor and expression to show you’re paying attention.4.Rephrase or sum up what you understand from what has been said from time to time—this way, you will clear up confusion and avoid running into any future misunderstanding of the message. 5.You can always request the speaker to elucidate anything that is not plain or clear to you—as the American English saying goes, “The only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked!” 6.Ask questions in an open-minded way to learn to the extent that is possible. Asking questions will improve your English fluency and English pronunciation.7.Keep steady eye contact with the speaker. If you are listening on the phone, try to picture the speaker in your mind.8.Try to understand the full meaning, not just the information, but the feelings and tone communicated as well.9.Hold meetings in quiet surroundings, away from telephones. Allocate sufficient time and disregard distractions that cannot be eradicated.10.Get in touch with a speech-language professional that specializes in training to improve speaking and listening communication in English. You might benefit from such specialized training that will assist you in communicating effectively with your clients, staff, and colleagues as well as other people within the workplace or in social settings.