how to leave a voicemail for nonnative English speakersThe viability of a voicemail depends—to an extent—on the accent of the person leaving the voicemail. A lot of professionals in today’s busy workplaces allow their voicemail to screen their phone calls for them… listening to the messages and returning only the phone calls they consider important. Whether someone will delete the voicemail you left them or not depends on the quality of the message. The following tips will help you in leaving result-getting voicemails.When leaving a voicemail, always remember that a firm voice portrays professionalism and confidence. Your breath on the phone can be detected by the person at the other end of the line. Your accent also plays a role here. You stand a better chance if you speak English like an American so your prospect can understand you. Also, power your voice with your breath as you’re on the phone to maintain a firm, confident voice all through your speech.Take regular, strategic pauses from time to time in your message. This is help drive home your point by giving your listener ample time to process your message. Pause before and after saying certain things like your name, company name, in-between your phone number digits as well as the vital points of your speech.Aim for clarity in your speech. An incomprehensible or muffled voice over the phone often results in getting your voicemail deleted almost immediately. This is also where your accent comes into play. Endeavor to improve English fluency and reduce your foreign accent in English. Also, if you still have heavy foreign accent, you can alleviate this with accent reduction classes online that will improve English fluency within three months or less when you use Accent Reduction Center.Be brief and to the point if wish to make a lasting impression on the listener. Inasmuch as you have to emphasis your message, don’t go on and on about the same thing to avoid annoying your listener. You can be concise and still pass the necessary information in your message. In order to achieve this, rehash what you’d say when you call before placing the call. Also keep it within 30 seconds for best results.