We love our clients here at the Accent Reduction Center. Their success stories are the reason we do what we do! Below you will find written testimonials from a few of our past students. If you are interested in speaking with a past student, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one.

“If I were to recommend a career investment to any foreign speaker, it would be to take an accent reduction class through the Accent Reduction Center. Taking the class was a big eye opener in my personal and professional life. I learned to distinguish the difference between the words cat and cut, to listen and correct myself when talking, to polish my accent and flow of conversation through the various techniques; such as linking the words.

Every lesson given was like a cool piece of technology one cannot wait to use. My instructor was amazing, full of energy, empathic, respectful, and very professional. Although my instructor had an agenda to meet, she was always alert to my needs and crafted the lessons accordingly.

At the professional level, my confidence increased greatly. I feel more comfortable training new employees, supervising and providing feedback to projects led by native speakers, consulting about business strategies to our company’s various clients, and above all I feel my ideas are actually being understood by my boss. In fact, I haven’t seen the confused look on my boss’ face for a long time now!

Taking this accent reduction class was the most important step I took for my career. “

Enrique Sandoval – Peru
Director of Consulting
Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center

“Although there are a lot of different accent reduction programs and instructors, I should say my accent reduction coach Annie was the most professional one because of her years of experience and special expertise in linguistics. She has a very in-depth knowledge not only of how to train correct pronunciation but she also knew why I pronounced things wrong. This helps a lot since it’s only when you know why you have that problem that you can find the right cure to fix it. I am sure an English coach at this level is very hard to find. Also Annie really cares about the progress of the student’s improvements. She truly respects the students even though sometimes they make some really funny voices for a native speaker’s ear. “

Amy Wang – China
Accounting Manager
Asetek USA Inc.

“I loved to work with my accent coach at the Accent Reduction Center. My trainers help and advices contributed to decreasing my accent throughout the sessions. The online conferencing worked well even though we have a long distance. Regarding the software program, I liked the record function because I was able to compare my recording to the original model. My instructor was so organized and excellent at providing me with helpful materials and resources. One of my favorite parts was to review every word that I had a problem with. Listening to my trainer’s model in sentences was very helpful in finding my errors. Also, I liked the practice in reading passages by focusing on natural intonation and accent because the practice was helpful in decreasing my accent in spontaneous speech. I think it is important to work on error sounds in a conversation level for ultimate natural carry-over. My trainer’s analysis and feedback was very useful throughout the sessions.”

Su Jin Lee – Korea
Speech Pathologist

“Well, I have really enjoyed the program because it was exactly was I was looking for. I needed to improve my prononciation and PronunciationPro has helped me a lot. I have really enjoyed all units.

Since pronunciation and spelling are two very different things, there are many little details you need to know in relation to good American English pronunciation, however; using this program you will be able to really understand how pronunciation fully works.

Honestly, thank you very much for giving me the chance to improve my pronunciation using a very professional program that totally changed my perspective on pronunciation and completely amazed me.

I was sort of skeptical at first, but now, after hard work and your awesome program I can just thank you because it has been worth it.

Good luck with everything.

Saludos desde España,”

– Javier Galiano, BASIC package member

“This training helped me improve my communication skills for several reasons.

First, it helps me realize what are the common pronunciation errors I do when I speak.For me it is pretty much the first time someone has told me what my pronunciation looks like.

Second, it was more than useful to review the rules for putting the stress on the right syllable and part of the sentences. I realize how important the rhythm is for the persons who is listening to me and having the right rhythm helps them follow what I say.

Third, it builds confidence which is very important as the more you’re confident the more energy you put in what you say, the better it is.

Fourth, it has increased my awareness so that I continue correcting myself every day. Finally, the program is very well done, the teacher is very nice, very supportive, the quality of the conversation through the web cam and microphone is just great.”

Vincent Lombard – France
Genetic Engineer

“You are a wonderful teacher! I have never felt so confident in spoken English. Thank you so much! When I talked to my manager about the training, I told him my great experience. I also told him that I highly recommend the training to my colleagues.

It was a pleasure working with you!”

Shengqiang Zhong – China
Genetic Engineer

“I want to say Thank you for your help, your patience, your time and most of all, your great instructions and coaching! You did a fantastic job!

I do feel more confident and I am definitely more comfortable presenting and speaking in English now. Thanks a lot!”

Vanda Martin – Brazil
Real Estate Agent
“Through the lessons, I learned pronunciation and the American accent systematically and thoroughly. My professional teacher pointed out my problems and indicated how to correct them properly. Every lesson improved my accent and this class was a great for my English pronunciation!!”
Dr. Kentaro Yomogida – Japan

“There is no magic in an English Pronunciation class – it is a hard work with two key elements – time commitment of a student and teacher’s skills. While one can commit to time, without the second component it is useless. Annie has a very professional way not only in identifying the problem areas but in a unique phonetic transcription which results in an immediate improvement by understanding how to pronounce correctly.

I am not a novice to such classes and can attest that Annie is a benchmark in her professional field.”

Larisa Demitrienko – Russia
Research & Development

“Hi, my name is Steve Lee. I am a general surgeon practicing in Kentucky. I was born and raised in Korea. I finished high school in Korea before coming to the United States for my medical education. Even though I went to medical school in the United States, I was speaking English with a heavy foreign accent and people had problems understanding me. Often I had to repeat myself.

The reason I sought help from Annie was to improve my American English accent so my patients and colleagues could understand me crystal clear. I also wanted to be able to speak sophisticated and educated English.

Annie helped me to achieve those goals in a short time frame. In the past, I have studied at home by myself using many different accent reduction books, resulting in very little improvement. I was extremely surprised at the accuracy of Annie’s initial evaluation of my accent. She was able to identify my problem areas, and we were able to target and correct most of my accent and pronunciation problems in less than 16 sessions. The internet conference with video feedback was an excellent teaching tool. Annie was able to correct how I pronounced each word using both verbal and visual instructions. I recommend Annie whole heartedly to anybody who wants to improve their command of the American English accent.”

Steve Lee – Korea
General Surgeon