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Learning how to be successful in the legal field is challenging, but even more so for non-native English speakers. When studying to be a paralegal, lawyer or court transcriptionist, taking English pronunciation courses should be just as much of a priority as any other legal or university class you’re taking. Beyond teaching English pronunciation, learning […]

The most important thing you can do to improve your spoken English is to slow down. It will help native English speakers to understand you as you work on your pronunciation, and additionally it will help keep you from developing poor speech habits, like mispronouncing the /th/ sound and others. Take the time to concentrate on what […]

  We see it all the time in movies like Spanglish and on television shows like Devious Maids—non-native English speakers learning how to pronounce English by listening to native speakers on TV, the radio, and movies. It’s fun to see what ESL learners take away from what they hear: the pronunciation of a Bostonian, the […]

A recent article in the Business Insider explains that the very disparate accents and English dialects across the United States could have an impact in non-native ESL students and how they learn to pronounce American English. Obviously, the best course of action is to learn non-regional diction when learning English as a second language, but […]

If you find yourself repeating yourself often, or you know that your colleagues and work associates have simply stopped asking you to repeat yourself because they don’t want to seem rude, it’s likely that you are already aware that your accent in English is affecting your ability to communicate as well as you could be. […]