how to maintain your English fluencyOne of the greatest problems people encounter in English pronunciation exercises is the failure to utilize what they have learned on how to reduce foreign accent in English. A lot of people normally devote ample time and effort to improve English fluency but later fail to take the time to put it into practice when they finally succeed in speaking English like an American. Proper and regular practice is one great method of maintaining your American English accent once you’ve mastered it. So find a way to integrate practice into your everyday routine. The following tips will help you maintain your American accent once you have attained mastery.1. Pick an exact time every day that you will use to concentrate on a specific part of your speech. For instance, a particular target sound, pronunciation or slowing down your speed. If you will forget to practice, set an alarm on your mobile to remind yourself to practice for at least 30 minutes. Hang on to your goal, don’t lose sight of it.2. Try and read aloud as much as possible. At the risk of sounding repetitive, take advantage of any chance you get to read out loud. Reading is a great opportunity to maintain your American accent, especially when you’re reading aloud or reading to an audience. It will make you to be cautious of your pronunciation. You don’t have to wait to read aloud to an audience; you can read to your kids or spouse or friend as practice. 3. If you have a spouse or are comfortable with some friends, you can ask them to remind you to focus on your speech whenever you’re communicating with them. This way, you will greatly improve your English pronunciation exercises.4. Drop reminders for yourself. If you would prefer to go about this alone, you can leave reminders such as notes for yourself in places that you can easily come by them often to remind you to concentrate on your maintaining your American accent anytime you’re speaking or reading.