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If you live in a predominantly English-speaking area, learning to speak English clearly and effectively is very important. Below are ten reasons why educating yourself in English fluency can help you in all facets of your life. 1. It can be fun! Learning to speak English like a native doesn’t have to be a chore. […]

Communication is an extremely vital skill to possess, especially in the business world. Having a foreign accent can make it difficult for your colleagues to understand you. However, with some effort, a strong foreign accent in spoken English does not have to be something you face for a lifetime. You can improve spoken English by […]

Anxiety about performing a speech is a fear that crosses all barriers—language and otherwise. But with a few simple tips, public speaking can become less stressful for anyone paralyzed by the fear of standing in front of a crowd. Some people are naturally less comfortable standing in front of a group of people and speaking. […]

The words “then” and “than” are very commonly used in the English language, but because they sound so similar, they are often confused for each other. Speaking English like an American can be difficult—and even fluent English speakers have trouble discerning the difference between “then” and “than”! Below are a few tips to understand when […]

People have plenty of reasons for interrupting a conversation, whether it’s to relay an opinion, quickly ask an unrelated question, join in on the discussion, or to just simply tell someone something. However, interrupting a conversation doesn’t have to be an awkward or rude experience! Below are some phrases and expressions you can use to […]

Audible speaking and effective listening make up complete communication. Being able to communicate effectively in English is essential. Hence, it is important to improve speaking and listening skills. Below are 10 tips on how to effective listening habits can improve spoken English, improve English fluency,and have a positive effect on communication for ESL learners. 1.Take […]

At times the solution to an eloquent and clear speech is more of what you are not saying than what you are. In your quest to improve English fluency, learning how to put certain appropriate pauses in your speech is one of the oldest, easiest, and most effective strategies of actually improving your English pronunciation, […]

One of the greatest problems people encounter in English pronunciation exercises is the failure to utilize what they have learned on how to reduce foreign accent in English. A lot of people normally devote ample time and effort to improve English fluency but later fail to take the time to put it into practice when […]

The viability of a voicemail depends—to an extent—on the accent of the person leaving the voicemail. A lot of professionals in today’s busy workplaces allow their voicemail to screen their phone calls for them… listening to the messages and returning only the phone calls they consider important. Whether someone will delete the voicemail you left […]

As a nonnative English speaker, you’ve probably been studying English and sure know a lot of English words. Both your spoken and written English are great, so you’re certain you can live in America and speak English like an American fluently with the people you meet.However, when you arrive here, you discover that it’s not […]