About Us


At the Accent Reduction Center we are committed to providing the highest level of training and expertise to our clients. Each member of our team is nationally certified in Speech-Language Pathology by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Certification at this level requires at least a master’s degree and extensive continued education. In addition, our trainers are COMPTON PESL certified in accent reduction. As a result, our trainers are fully qualified to provide the highest level of training for our clients.


Our specialists are experts in the field of accent reduction, combining proven techniques with the best of today’s technology. We continually strive to bring our clients the most effective materials the field has to offer. Our specialists possess a sound understanding of the technical skills required to conduct and guide our clients through our effective online course using quality, online video conferencing and accent reduction techniques.


The Accent Reduction Center is proud to be partners with Cisco Webex, the industry leader in video-conferencing solutions. Webex provides a flexible, online format for live video and audio feed as well as a highly interactive platform for sharing course documents, workbooks, recordings, PowerPoints, and any other materials that will enhance the learning environment for our clients.


Our trainers are committed to the success of our clients. Expect the highest level of time, attention, and professionalism as you are successfully guided through your interactive course.

Our Guarantee

At the Accent Reduction Center we are confident that our courses will lead to results. Follow through with your practice assignments and we GUARANTEE at least 50% improvement of your accent, or your money back!

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